To do

When visiting Vilshärads Camping

Trattoria / Restaurant – The Driftwood

Just a few minutes’ walk from the campsite you will find this Italian inspiring restaurant. They serve
ala carte and their famous wood-fired gourmet pizzas. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor
seating, where you can enjoy food or just something to drink.

Vilshärads Football Golf

Soccer golf can be played by both young and old. It’s like golf, but instead of hitting a small ball, you kick a soccer ball around a track with different obstacles to see who gets the least punches/kicks.

Vilshärads Farm Shop

A cozy farm shop in a rural setting. You will find home-grown vegetables, asparagus, potatoes, homemade juice and marmalade and lots more. Assortment varies according to season.

Vilshärads Clothes Shop

Here you can find clothes both for her and him. They are open from mid June to the end of August.

Glass Cabin

Steninge Glashytta is Vilshärads own glass-cabin. Here you can try blow your own glassware, or buy a beautiful hand-blown glass piece


A small natural harbor with its boathouses and a boat slip. On the small sandy beach you can sunbathe and swim, but there are also stones and grass here if you prefer have it. On the jetty and by the rocks it is perfect for some crab fishing. Here on the northern shore, dogs are allowed to take one cooling dip.

Nature Reserve

Haverdals Nature Reserve is one of Halland’s oldest nature reserve and it stretches from Vilshärad to Haverdal. Here there are both long and short hiking leads that offer a fantastic environment. How about the “troll forest” with its crooked pines, the sand hill with its height and view of forest and sea, coniferous forest, deciduous forest, meandering streams, sand dunes and the sea. One of all the entrances to the reserve is about 100 meters away from the campsite.

Vilshärads Beach

Long sandy beach with lovely sand dunes, here can you sunbathe and swim or just enjoy a lovely promenade along the water’s edge. The beach stretching up to the nature reserve and beyond to Haverdal